“Nigel’s door opening skills are second to none. He is quite simply the World’s leading B2B appointment setting,lead generation Telemarketer & I know quite a few!

His tenacity knows no bounds,his determination is an inspiration to anyone uses B2B Telemarketing services & his success rate is prolific.

I can & do recommend Lone Wolf B2B Telemarketing without a moment’s hesitation.

Top qualities: Great results,expert in his field & high integrity.

Gareth Doran, Sales Dir. Brand Animal
Email T: 0161 883 008

“Nigel has been producing great results for me for over 2 years now opening doors & making connections with some very hard to reach prospects .A seasoned professional,he has taken the lead in the whole process from pre-call approach to appointment setting along with online meetings .Reliable & effective we can also be confident that Nigel will create that positive all important first impression of our business & service.”Top qualities: Great results,personable,excellent value.”

Clive Mollett. Dir of 121 Fundraising. T: 01952 506700 Email :


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